It was the opportunity to help improve people’s lives through their homes that inspired Francis “Nix” T. Alanon to pursue his passion for design. In 2006, he formed FTA Design, a design studio comprised of equally dynamic designers, who all have an in-depth understanding of the different aspects of art and style. FTA Design has translated their expertise in design concept and spatial layout project management into some of the Philippines’ most stylish homes, busiest restaurants and bars, sophisticated retail stores, innovative corporate lobbies, and luxurious hotels and villas. Even in the model units and showrooms of Manila’s top realty developers, FTA Design has mastered the art of adapting to clients’ personal tastes while staying true to the studio’s vision of timeless and contemporary interiors.

Five years later, another of Nix’s imaginative ventures led to the creation of Phoenix Home, a furniture manufacturing company that supplements FTA Design’s projects with reasonably priced custom pieces. The demand for furniture supply has encouraged Nix to go beyond designing for clients and build an entire brand that represents his penchant for contrasting yet complementary designs.

Both FTA Design and Phoenix Home boast of highly qualified personnel committed to customer satisfaction and outstanding results. They continue to strive to always be ahead of the industry, constantly innovating the interior design process and continuously evolving into a globally competitive design force.